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Who We Are

Premiere Performing Artists

Piko Dance Arts is recognized as a professional group of performing artists in the Hawai‘i region and beyond. PDA captivates the hearts of audiences locally and internationally with a variety of quality performances and shows.

Award Winning Directing Team:

Sami L.A. Akuna (aka Cocoa Chandelier)

Sequoia Carr-Brown

Kara Jhalak Miller

Collaborations with:

Giinko Marischino

Jhalak Dance Company


The Spinning Goats

Piko Dance Arts is a 2020 MAP Fund Grantee

for the production of Walking on Eggshells with the

 Hawaii Academy of Performing Arts/The ARTS at Marks Garage


"Our live performances utilize dance, theatre, video projection, storytelling, inclusion of sculptures and photography, and the creation of audio scores, all of which we are the movement illustrators and designers. Our deep critical thought process emerges from a hive mind approach. This involves bouncing ideas back and forth to allow collaborative members to be fluid and explore what motivates us. Social and cultural components relative to our personal backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, and the place of Hawai‘i are integral to our mission. Recognizing land space, honoring and clearing space to be creative, and asking for the space to allow us to be present in said spaces is important to our projects. We specialize in playing with movement and theatre improvisation for performance in site particular places both creating live performance art works together and alongside one another."

-Piko Dance Arts


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